F-Scan & F-Socket


F-Scan In-Shoe system provides dynamic pressure, force and timing information for foot function and gait analysis. Information obtained from the F-Scan is used in real-world applications, like designing and testing orthotics, offloading diabetic feet and evaluating footwear and techniques in elite athletes.

Leading podiatrists, physical therapists, certified pedorthists and orthotists/prosthetists around the world have benefited from using the F-Scan In-Shoe Analysis System. Now, clinicians can generate print-friendly reports for documenting patient progress at the click of a button.

  • Aid in identifying pathologies and making accurate diagnoses
  • Objectively evaluate the effectiveness of orthotics and treatments
  • Educate patients about their pathologies and treatments
  • Increase patient satisfaction and generate more referrals
  • Provide documentation of treatments and progress


F-Socket™ pressure system is used to address the needs of Orthotists & Prosthetists (O & P) by enabling improved design, fit, and function of prosthetic limbs. The system includes a paper-thin, high-resolution sensor that can be trimmed into freely floating fingers to closely approximate the curvature of the socket interface.

    F-Socket Features & Benefits

  • Provides detailed pressure profiles and graphical displays for quantitative analysis
  • Closely examines the formation of pressures within the socket interface during the various phases of gait, allowing you to modify the socket/stump interface accordingly
  • Sensors trim to fit prosthetic
  • Improve design and fit of sockets and prosthetics
  • Increase longevity for wear of socket and use of prosthesis
  • Tangible, visible biofeedback, therefore increasing compliance and tolerance of the amputee to the socket and Prostheses