Equipment Solutions for Human Movement Analysis, Balance Disorders and Behavioural Research

Bio-Mechanics and Pressure Mapping

  • Gait Analysis
  • Motion Capture
  • Force & Pressure Measurements
  • Sports Performance Evaluation

Vestibular Assessments

  • Video Frenzel Goggles
  • Nystagmography Systems
  • Head Impulse Testing

Behavioural Research

  • Eye tracking with wired or wireless Light weight glasses
  • Glance statistics with Heat Maps
  • Software that can integrate acquisition data from multiple channels.
  • Vehicle Testing Kits
  • Driver Behaviour and Performance studies

Balance and Mobility Assessment

  • Balance Platforms
  • Centre of Pressure mapping and Sway Velocity measurements
  • Weight distribution Symmetry
  • Retraining Protocols with Visual Biofeedback
  • Objective quantifications of parameters in Reports along with Normative data


The Blue Trident – IMU Sensor

Introducing the most powerful inertial sensor in its class–The Vicon Blue Trident is a small, lightweight IMU (only 12g) containing dual-g sensors, capturing 12-axes of measurement.

The New Wearable Eye Tracker
Dikablis Glasses 3

Eye tracking is a versatile method used in research and science. The eyes reflect the thoughts and behaviour of a person. This happens completely unconsciously and cannot be controlled by humans.

This includes not only eye movements and glances but also the size change of the pupils. The size of the pupils also provides information about the mental workload of a person...