Ergoneers - Eye Tracking and D-Labs

Professional Solutions for Eye-Tracking, Behaviour Research and Workplace Analysis.

For behavioral research and the optimization of human-machine-interaction Ergoneers is developing different hardware solutions since 2005. With the appropriate software and hardware solutions, we help to understand human behavior. Dynamic industries in particular, such as the automotive and retail industries, research institutes or, more generally, modern market research benefit from our products.
This allows synchronous recording of multiple data channels, upto 250 parameters, on different frequencies from nearly any kind of data source.

Dikablis 3 Eye Tracking

The Dikablis Eye Tracking Glasses enable binocular eye tracking with high measurement accuracy and standardized calculation of characteristic values – even for people with glasses. They provide the ideal basis for the investigation of human behavior in highly dynamic application areas. Connect our mobile eye tracker to the D-Lab measurement and analysis platform to record and analyze data in several different ways.


D-Lab is your powerful, all-purpose and adaptable software for synchronous data capture and analysis for user and behavioral studies. The great flexibility of the measurement and analysis modules enable you to tailor D-Lab to your exact requirements. It supports you throughout your whole study cycle – from planning to synchronous data capturing and analysis with a whole set of visualization options.


  • Integration of data from different data sources
  • Frequency independence of the data sources
  • Realtime visualization of all data source
  • Variety of data modules with specific analysis functions for each data source
  • Free-configurable layout


  • Market research
  • Ergonomics
  • Vehicle research (cars, trucks, construction vehicles, utility vehicles)
  • Airplane research
  • Usability
  • Behavioral research
  • Perception research
  • Design clinics
  • Sports and biomechanics research
  • Medical research
  • Realtime gaze control
  • Behavioral studies in virtual reality
  • Games testing
  • Evaluation of virtual design concepts
  • Pre-Test of new product ideas
  • Test of early interface designs
  • Eye tracking integration in helmets
  • Design of individual head mounted eye tracker

Available modules

D-LAB is your powerful, all-purpose tool for synchronous data capture and analysis for user and behavioral research. Combining its measurement and analysis modules flexibly enables you to tailor D-LAB to your exact requirements.


Records up to 16 audio signals synchronously, with complete analysis by selective track replay. D-Lab Audio also supports commenting and retrospective think aloud operations.


With the D-Lab CAN Bus module, you can record data from the CAN bus of a vehicle. The analysis of CAN measurement data ranges from visualizing them using various charts to processing the readings with the D-Lab scripting language and statistical analysis.


The perfect module to record and analyse any TCP/IP traffic. With this flexible interface it is easy to connect TCP/IP sensors such as simulators, GPS devices, vehicles or other equipment.


For real-time visualization, data capture and automatic analysis of human gaze behavior. Our software platform for eye tracking works with remote and wearable eye trackers and comes with a plugin for ICA (Index of cognitive activity).


Enrich your studies by measuring the head position of your subjects. D-Lab Head Tracking calculates exactly the position and angles of the head in our coordinate system. Values for x, y and z are given back in centimeter, alpha, beta and gamma in degree.


Provides flexible measurement of physiological values such as EEG, EMG, ECG, pulse rate, skinconductance, respiration and more. Enjoy synchronous replay and precise analysis with D-Lab’s scripting language and statistical processing.


A module for video-based evaluation of subject behavior. D-Lab Video facilitates recordings of several video channels such as PAL cameras, DVI signals or full HD IP cameras with PTZ function, together with high precision qualitative and quantitative analysis methods.